Ideas for People Who Use Money


Each week, I’ll share interesting resources I’ve found related to money, behavior, emotion, and anything else that catches my eye. My goal is to highlight the valuable work other people are doing to help you make better, more thoughtful decisions. The Maddest Men of All (Podcast) (Transcript): This week, the Freaknomics team put up a […]

Weighing the Value of Money & Time

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One summer, a friend of mine planned a river trip. The closest public airport was a day and a half’s drive from the river. So my friend decided to hire a private plane to get his group to the destination in a few hours. I know this choice sounds extravagant, but it represents a choice […]

How Do You Spend Your Time & Money?


“The calendar and the checkbook never lie.” I think about this statement a lot when I’m making money decisions. Do my actions support what I’ve said is most important to me? This question may seem obvious. After all, who wouldn’t spend their money on the things most important to them? But I’ve discovered (and you […]

Only You Know If Your Income is Enough

income vs enough

On and off over the years, I have used a training app called Strava. It allows you to keep track of your performance on different biking, running and skiing trails. You can even break down overall times into sections or compare your performance over the entire trail. Last year, in an attempt to get back into […]

Your Exposure Trumps Your Risk

Risk Exposure

Last week, a conversation with a friend reminded me how easily we can confuse actual risk with our own exposure to that risk. My friend travels a lot for work, and I asked him where he planned to go this year. His answer surprised me. “I don’t know,” he replied. “With everything going on in […]