Talk vs Do

Living an Examined Life

What unexamined assumptions do we have in the way we live our life? For instance, we expect presidents and movie stars to drive around in bulletproof limousines or big SUVs. That's what they've "always" done. But Pope Francis, who has no problem attracting a crowd, goes around in a little...
Fire Drill

3 Ways to Trigger Your Financial Wake-Up Call

Imagine a hypothetical guy who lives a responsible financial life. He’s focused on meeting his obligations, even though he doesn’t have a big cushion when it comes to his take-home pay. Things are tight. He’s not quite living paycheck-to-paycheck, but it’s close. Then one day, an external shock completely outside…

Line Between Confidence

Even Smart People Need Help Handling Money & Emotion

Smart, thoughtful people can make mistakes when it comes to investing, and it has very little to do with IQ. They may assume that being an expert in one area will make them an expert in another. But when it comes to things like money and emotion, even the most...

Find a Tiny Moment of Accountability

This weekend, I have a challenge for you. You may do something similar to what I shared in today’s audio or you’ll find something completely different to do. But whatever you decide to do, take a tiny moment this weekend, notice what you’re doing, and hold yourself accountable to how…

Blind Spots

Your Blind Spots Are Getting in the Way

Psst. Excuse me. I’ve got a secret. I feel like I should be talking really quietly right now, but first I need to warn you. This secret is going to seem incredibly obvious. You may even wonder why I’m going to tell you about it at all. The secret comes…

Comfirmation Bias

We See What We Want to See

Something funny happens when we make up our minds about a particular idea. We start looking for evidence to support our idea or theory. But in the process, we tend to ignore anything that contradicts our thinking.

One Weird Trick

One Weird Trick: Counter Your Cognitive Biases

A few years ago, a friend of mine who happens to be a really well-known journalist had a conversation with a really well-known academic. Because the conversation was private, I’m not mentioning names. But I did want to share one fascinating part of their discussion. They were talking about cognitive…

Energy & Conversations

Getting Around Decision Fatigue

Every day, we’re expected to make many decisions. Over time, the cognitive cost of those decisions adds up. By the end of the day, most of us have burned through our ability to make good decisions. The researchers refer to this process as ego depletion or decision fatigue, and it’s…


Walking the Line Between Confident & Overconfident

One of my favorite cognitive biases is overconfidence. It’s a fascinating thing I like to think about and discuss with people. Many of us suffer from it to some extent, particularly if we’re really skilled in one area. However, we can do something to help get around this bias.

Accident Reports

Reading Accident Reports: How to Avoid Making the Same Mistake

I love climbing in the mountains and try to do it as often as possible. Four hours north of my home sits one of my favorite places to climb, the Teton Range. It’s a beautiful area, one of the most striking mountain ranges in the continental United States. My favorite…