The Process of Aligning Our Values & Actions

As we progress through life, we tend to become more aware of how what we’re doing aligns with our values. At different moments, we’ll even find that certain decisions lead to a perfect overlap. But at other times, there’s going to be a gap, and that’s OK because it’s a…


You Are Not Crazy

Doing nothing can be really hard. And if you stuck with your financial plan the last few days, you probably did a lot of nothing while it looked like everyone else was doing something. The good news is you aren’t crazy for doing nothing. Listen below for the latest episode…

The Next Step

Focus On the Next Step

I love spending time in the mountains. So a few weeks ago, I jumped at the opportunity to join a friend, my son and seven of his friends on a trip into the Uinta Mountains. This range sits about an hour east of our home in Park City, Utah. We…


Emergency Episode: On Scary Markets

Here are links to the two stories I referenced in this episode: Advice After Stock Market Drop: Take Some Deep Breaths, and Don’t Do a Thing (Ron Lieber) 5 Things Investors Shouldn’t Do Now (Jason Zweig)


What’s the “Why” Behind Your Money Decisions?

Why are you doing the things you’re doing with money? This question seems incredibly simple, but it gets to the heart of just about every financial decision we make. Listen to the latest episode of Behavior Gap Radio to learn more about this question and a special offer for listeners.

The line between Accountability and Competition

Choose Healthy Accountability, Avoid Stupid Competition

The CrossFit Park City gym is right across the parking lot from my office. I used to love going there early in the morning to get my daily dose of intensity and to spend time with other people dedicated to the same thing. But a few years ago, I made…


Tell Someone: How Accountability Makes a Difference

Making a commitment to someone else can provide much-needed accountability to follow through on our goals. Even when life seems to conspire against us, sometimes making our goals public can help us accomplish them. Listen below for more about how checking in with others can help us stay on track.

The Third Way

Listen to Understand

Listening to understand is hard to do. But when we take the time to do it, our conversations about money can become more productive. Listen below (pun intended) for how listening can become a huge tool in your financial toolbox.


Where Do You Put Your Keys?

The smartest people among us know how dumb we can be, so they put some guardrails in help them do what they really want to do. Listen below to hear why my mom puts her keys in the fridge.

Talk vs Do

The $70 Case Study: Your Values & Your Spending

This week, I’m trying something a little different. Below, you’ll find the column I wrote for the New York Times. However, you’ll also find a companion audio recording where I shared this story. So you choose: you can listen or read on to see what I learned from the $70…