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Your Exposure Trumps Your Risk

Last week, a conversation with a friend reminded me how easily we can confuse actual risk with our own exposure to that risk. My friend travels a lot for work, and I asked him where he planned to go this year. His answer surprised me. “I don’t know,” he replied. “With everything going on in […]

What You Can Really Afford

Many years ago, my wife and I went to dinner with another couple whom I’ll call Pam and Stan. I went to high school with Pam, and my wife had grown up knowing Stan. They were among the smartest and most successful people we knew. I was always a bit intimidated by them and their […]

Under the Influence of Money

Last year, a guy made headlines because he was caught using a lowly flip phone. In a world of gold iPhones and palm-size phablets, it does seem a little odd that someone would still use such a low-tech device. But it was the identity of the person using the phone that got everyone’s attention: Jerry […]

Saving Ourselves from Not Saving

Americans aren’t saving enough. The numbers appear to back up this claim, which we hear repeatedly. But what I find more interesting is how we react to such statements. I touched on the issue of savings last week, and the responses I’ve heard seem to confirm that it’s a touchy subject. For the sake of argument, […]

When the Markets Get Noisy, Invest $5

My, how things change. In the space of just a few weeks, we went from talking about boring markets to reading scary headlines that change by the hour. (Or by the second, if you watch Twitter.) While it’s completely normal for the market to move around, it can feel shocking when things have been calm for so […]