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The Image Isn’t the Reality

Years ago, a friend came home with a new, top-of-the-line road bike. My first thought: How can he afford that? It seemed like such a big purchase based on what I thought I knew. We lived in the same neighborhood, were close to the same age and both had young families. His life looked a […]

Navigating the Opaque World of Muni Bonds

Most of the market news you hear tends to be about stocks, but bonds are just as useful a tool for most investment portfolios. One type in particular, the municipal, or “muni” bond, remains very popular. These bonds are issued by local governments, they’re often tax-exempt and they can be relatively low risk. But muni […]

Avoiding ‘Lucky Fool Syndrome’

Watching the Olympics a few weeks ago, I got pulled in to the drama of short-track skating. It has to be one of the more entertaining Olympic events. The races are fast, and almost anything can happen. If you had a chance to watch the women’s 500-meter final, you saw a perfect example of the […]

Money Lessons From Where the Air is Thinner

I had a conversation this month with Alison Levine, a polar explorer and mountaineer who has climbed the tallest peak on every continent. While I’m a casual climber in comparison, we do share a love of the mountains and the things they can teach us. In fact, Alison’s new book, On the Edge: The Art of High-Impact […]

Why You Should Sell Now

You should never make investing decisions based on what the market is doing, except for now, maybe. Past experience and reams of studies tell us there is no way to time the market and that we should buy and hold. That said, there are a few exceptions to the rule. With the total United States […]