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When the Markets Get Noisy, Invest $5

My, how things change. In the space of just a few weeks, we went from talking about boring markets to reading scary headlines that change by the hour. (Or by the second, if you watch Twitter.) While it’s completely normal for the market to move around, it can feel shocking when things have been calm for so […]

Investing in Real Estate: Rarely a Good Idea

Six years ago, Ireland’s real estate market crashed. Office buildings sat empty, housing developments were left unfinished and $15.7 billion in residential investment loans defaulted or were modified. Fast-forward to today. As I learned on a recent trip to Dublin, real estate is once again hot. Ireland isn’t the only place experiencing a boom in […]

Something We Can Fix: The Gender Pay Gap

  My daughter started her senior year of high school this fall. With college fast approaching, I’ve had some fun discussions with her and family friends about future professions. One thing keeps coming up: It’s the 21st century, and our daughters may still earn less than men for doing the same work. When my daughter […]

Alternatives Shouldn’t Make Us Dumb

Just about anything that comes with the “alternative” label is automatically enticing to plenty of people. Alternative rock spoke to so many music fans that it became more or less mainstream in the 1990s. On a smaller scale, consider the people you know living alternative lifestyles, like the cousin in the nudist colony or your […]