Happiness Tied to Income

Money Does Not Equal Happiness

One of the things that I have been thinking a lot about today and talked with a good friend here in India on walk today, we walked through a section of Mumbai, and while we were walking, we were talking about the role of money and happiness. This hopefully will just serve as a reminder to all of you, but money does not equal happiness, right. It certainly can help, but it also doesn’t equal happiness.

Confirmation Bias

Conversations That Change You

I’m on day, I think three or four in India and it has been amazing and I wish I knew exactly how to frame my thoughts around it. Other than just to say, if you’ve got a chance to come to India, take it, come. You need to come and see this place. The warmth of the people, the energy, the contradictions that you’re sort of faced with each day, amazing, amazing. One of the things that I had a really interesting conversation last night, my event that I was speaking up wrapped up at about … I was done talking at about, I think it was maybe 9:15 or 9:30 at night and then there was dinner afterwards. I was like, “It’s 9:30 wait, we’re having dinner?” Everybody there, there’s somewhere around 100-150 people there and everybody had dinner. I was like, “Wow isn’t it a little late for dinner?” They said, “No, no, no, this is what time we eat.”

Pick One: Fear or Greed

Fear & the Little Old Man

I am on a trip, a business trip to India. On my way, I had a all day layover in Singapore. I left the airport and went to visit some of the communities in the city on a recommendation from a good friend of mine. I went and visited what was referred to as the Arab Quarter, Chinatown and Little India. In the Little India, I had an amazing conversation outside a Hindu temple. I don’t know much about the Hindu religion, but I was blown away by the warmth, and energy, and light at the Hindu temple. It was described to me as a Southern India Hindu temple. Again, I’m not exactly sure what that means exactly, but that was how it was described to me. I went in and I was just blown away by the energy there and all the things going on. It was amazing. I was trying to figure it out and super curious.

In Praise of Luck

In Praise of Luck

I have a lucky friend. Chances are you know him. He has written several New York Times best sellers. By any outward appearance, he has officially made it. I wanted to know what role he thought luck played in his career. Without batting an eye, he said, “Oh, luck has been everything. I can point to at least 10 occasions where pure, dumb luck landed me a huge break in my career.”

Algorithm vs Real Life

Field Report from India: Real Advisors Are Everywhere

This is a field report, if you will. I am on a trip to India, a work trip so none of my family came along with me, and I’m here as a guest of some really incredible people doing some amazing work in the financial services industry, speaking broadly. This trip has reminded me of what I’ve learned, I don’t know if it’s a hundred times, but maybe it’s more than a hundred times over the last couple of years. I’m reminded of it in New Zealand, and I’m reminded of it in Australia, and I’ve been reminded all over Europe and South Africa, and that is that real financial advisors are struggling with the same things all over the world, and also enjoying the same huge, massive opportunity with the changes that are going on in our industry.

Spreadsheets & Stories

You Are Not Alone

This is the conclusion of my series on Below the Waterline. I just want to wrap up by telling you how important you are and how important the work you’re doing is to the world. We cannot afford to lose anymore of you to anxiety, burnout or even worse as we’ve seen in our industry. I’ve got too many friends that the sort of stress and pressure of this job has caused them too many problems, and we can’t have it anymore, and it just involves below the waterline.

Noise Info Wisdom

Give Yourself Room to Think

This is episode five of a series I’m doing on Below the Waterline Activities. If you have not listened to episode one, the introduction to this series, please go listen to it now so I don’t have to rehash a bunch of material. It will be worth your time. Go listen to it. The short version is, I’ve appointed myself vice President of unspeakable things to talk about some really important things that we need to address in our industry so that we can lower advisor burnout. So that you will be around mainly for the benefit of your clients, for the benefit of you too because I care about you, but I really care about those people you serve. They need you around. If you’re going to be dealing with this sort of level of unknown and anxiety that’s almost like just part of our jobs, you’ve got to do some things that we never talk about in our industry, and I’m talking about it. We’re to the fifth one, and it’s sort of just emotional/mental preparation.

Whole Food

Breakfast of Champions

At the behest of many of you, I am going to keep talking about Below the Waterline. I’ve sort of appointed myself as Vice President of Unspeakable Things and I’m going to talk about unspeakable things mainly for the benefit of myself but also for the benefit of you, because guess what, mainly for the benefit of your clients actually is what I meant. We need you around. The world needs you around. The burnout rate in the industry of financial advisors is way too high and we’ve got to stop that and we need you around; you’re too valuable. That’s why we’re doing this. Today’s episode is around diet.

Paying with Attention

You Probably Need More (and Better) Sleep

This is episode three in a series on what I am calling Below the Water Line Issues. As financial advisors, the things we need to be doing to allow us to have a healthy, productive and long career. Part of our job is dealing with other people’s anxiety and if we’re not doing these things that lie below the water line, they’re the ones we never talk about because they’re unspeakable … I have appointed myself vice president of unspeakable things, so we’re talking about them here. This episode is on sleep and this one is probably the one that I struggle the most with, so I’m going to be walking you through the wisdom of other people, the things I’ve learned from other people.

Traditional Retirement

Retiring the Idea of Retirement

The concept of retirement, as we understand it today, is completely outdated. Wait a minute, did I say completely outdated? I mean completely, ridiculously, totally, absurdly outdated. It wasn’t a good idea when Otto Von Bismarck, the chancellor of Germany, cooked it up, and it’s certainly not a good idea now.