Spend, Track, Review

Start By Tracking Your Spending

We all seem to struggle with tracking our spending, and it’s not really about the tools. There are plenty of great tools available. It’s the idea of tracking that trips up many of us. What if start simple? What happens if you track your total spending for the next month?

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Buy Something Boring

Do Boring Things Over a Long Period of Time for Amazing Things to Happen

The incremental power of small things done repeatedly over a long period of time applies to investing, but it also applies to creative endeavors. Just think about the people you know who’ve worked away, a little bit at a time, on their projects over the years. What’s one little thing you can do every day to move forward on one of your projects?

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Experiences & Money

Spend the Money

Life experiences give you an incalculable return on investment. Every. Single. Time. So why is it so hard for us to spend money on them?

The reason for me is often that experiences tend to feel like an extravagant expenditure of money, time and energy. Let me give you an example.

My wife and I had a chance to leave our kids at home for a few days and go on a sea kayaking trip. The trip we planned was in an unbelievably beautiful part of the world. It would be the first time in over six months that we could do something without the kids.

Sounds amazing, right? But then I started adding numbers. It would be $250 for the kayak rental, then a few hundred for food. And the little inn where we wanted to stay was expensive. Before long, our invaluable trip had a tangible value, in the neighborhood of $1,000.

For three days? No way!

Real Financial Life

We Can Get Great Advice, But the Decision is Up to Us

My friend Tim Maurer likes so say that, “Personal finance is more personal than it is finance.” With that reality comes a hard truth. No one can tell us what to do. We can get great advice that gets us 80 percent there, but at the end, we still need to make the decision. It’s up to us.

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Learn, Act, Repeat

Embrace a Steep Learning Curve

There’s a feeling that comes with being a beginner. But we sometimes avoid doing new things because a steep learning curve can be painful — emotionally, physically, mentally. The power of being a beginner though can help build stoke. So, what if instead of avoiding that feeling we sought it out?

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Information Consumption & a Sense of Well-Being

What Are You Running From?

How often do we pretend that endless research is a useful way to spend our time? This question leads to another interesting question. If we stop searching and looking for a better tool, option, etc, that we’ll leave us with more time. But then what should we do with that time? Don’t we need to fill it?

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Knowledge & Feelings

Turn Your Fear Into Stoke for Your Creativity

When we think about doing meaningful work, it’s hard not to be scared. But that fear can play a valuable role. Instead of letting fear feed on us and our insecurities, we can turn it around and make it the “stoke” or fuel for our meaningful work.

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Reality or Regret_800

Do Small Things Every Day To Have Fewer Regrets

Last week, I shared how scared and worried I felt at the thought of losing my wife after her accident. As frightening as that experience was, it also helped me reflect and decide that I didn’t want any more regrets.

I thought you might feel the same way, so I asked for your deathbed wish list. What things would you wish you could have done if you suddenly had very little time left?

Your emails were amazing! They reminded me a lot of the many messages I received when I wrote about getting permission to make major changes in our lives.

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