Fear - Not Sure It's There

Fear is a Liar

Ben is a “newly-minted 67-year-old.” After nearly three-quarters of a century on this planet, not a single fear of Ben’s has ever come true. Which makes me wonder … do they ever?

Listen time: 4:12

Ask the sketch guy_800

Ask the Sketch Guy

I want to try something I’m calling “Ask the Sketch Guy.”

Everywhere I go, when people find out what I do for work, they have questions. Some questions are about the stock market, or people want to know where I think interest rates are going. Those questions aren’t so interesting. You can listen to the financial pornography network for that sort of stuff.

The questions I love are the ones that happen in the hushed tones of a real conversation, often at the coffee shop or even around the warmth of a fire. They are the questions about the messy intersection of how we use our money and how we live our lives. They relate to how we feel about money and how we talk about money.

I want to see if we can recreate some of those conversations, here, with you.

Please Don't Ask Me That_800

What is Your Scary Thing?

In which I go surf skiing, think I get scared, and then get schooled by Dallas Hartwig on what real fear actually is. What are you hiding from? The relative nature of fear, and what we do with it, today on Behavior Gap Radio.

Listen time: 6:36

Where do you get your inspiration_800

Where Do You Get Inspiration?

People ask me “Where do you get your inspiration from?” as if it comes in bulk from a store a few blocks away. The truth is, you don’t GET inspiration, it just shows up sometimes. But in the meantime, while you’re waiting for it to arrive, you have to do the work.

Listen time: 5:54

Crush It, Then Rest

Be Ruthless: Make the Most of Your Time

Time and again, I’ve railed against the culture of the hustle (#crushit). And yet, I bought into that culture for nearly two decades. So one listener asks: is it possible to make these changes in real time while building your career, business, etc.? Or is it only applicable in hindsight? Today, I try my best to answer that question.

Listen time: 10:58

Start with the problem

People Don’t Care About Your Product, They Care About Their Problems

“No one cares about your product, they care about their problems.” I can’t figure out who said it first, but I know that it’s true. As makers of things, we would do well to keep that fact close to heart. Start with the problem, not with your solution or your product.

Listen Time: 3:08

Creative process vs making stuff_800

Don’t Wait for Creativity Strike – Strike Creativity

What if you don’t have to be “creative” to create?

We all know the archetype of the creatives, right? Eccentric, weird, scattered, messy. The creatives are plagued perpetually by writer’s block (or sculptor’s block or painter’s block or whatever block). They spend most of their time lazing about gloomily, smoking cigarettes and cursing this cruel world. But then, every once in a while, the creatives are so touched by the muse that they are forced to immediately drop everything, go into a trance and become a funnel for the beauty of the world.

Personally, I think that’s a bit too precious. This notion of waiting around in the rain until you get struck by lightning to make art (or anything) doesn’t mesh with my experience at all. What comes much closer is the famous Chuck Close quotation: “Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work.”

Stoke Into Fuel

How Do You Keep the Stoke?

Stoke. You know what it is. That fiery excitement that rages far beyond enthusiasm. Some are born with it, some aren’t. But either way, eventually we all need to answer the same question: How do you keep the ‘Stoke,’ well, stoked? Today, I share my answers and ask you for yours.

Listen time: 3:54

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