Current Reality & Getting to Your Goal

We Sell Straight Lines, But We Need to Talk About Course Corrections

“Man, I wish I could give you a straight-line experience,” said just about all of us in some form to our clients. But as real financial advisors, we know that’s not reality. We understand that while every client needs a financial plan, we’re also aware that course corrections must happen along the way.

Listen time: 9:43

Uncertainty Equals Reality

Strategy, Guesses and Reality-Based Financial Planning

Have you noticed how clients tighten up when you mention the words “plan” and “goal”? In this episode, I walk you through how to reframe the conversation to reduce the tension and help people get comfortable with the ongoing process of guessing as part of the financial strategy.

Listen time: 10:34

Experiences over security

Advice to A Young Financial Advisor

At a recent event, a young financial advisor asked me a question I think will resonate with many of you: what advice would give to your 25-year-old self? I loved the question, and as I answered it, I was reminded that the advice holds true even after 20+ years in the industry.

Listening time: 2:50

Mindfulness Stimulus Response

Mindful Spending vs Painful Penny Pinching

Most personal financial advice is centered on finding “tips & tricks” to make spending painful…that didn’t sound like a good idea to my wife. Listen to find out what she suggested instead.

Listen time: 4:15

Needs & Wants | Now & Later

Question Your Needs, Explore Your Wants

Often we act as if there is some pre-approved list of “needs” and then we hammer on ourselves or clients about “wants”. What if we flip that and learn to question our needs and explore our wants? Would that lead to greater happiness around money?

Listen time: 3:44

Algorithm vs Real Life

A Few Thoughts on Robo-Advisors

So called robo-advisors are not something to fear, but instead something that is giving us the opportunity to optimize for what is uniquely human: empathy and trust.

Listen time: 5:58

Confirmation Bias

Carl Has a Problem (You May Share It)

Confirmation bias is super hard do deal with…and as financial advisor it is critical that we are at least aware of our own tendency to fall prey to it.

Listen time: 12:03

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