2 Ways to Start a Business

The 2 Types of Businesses

Some businesses start with a problem, and the desire to solve it. Some start with a business model and then search for a problem that fits their product or service. Both are valid (maybe). But I’ve noticed I get way more excited by the first type. What about you?

Listen time: 4:37

Being Busy Isn’t a Badge of Honor

We wear “busy” like a badge of honor. But what if it’s really a curse? Busy may sound good, but anyone who has been there knows. It’s not when we do our best work or when we are our best selves. The way we are working is not working: it’s time for a change.

Listen time: 5:11

Thoughts Lead to Feelings, and Feelings Lead to Actions

When you or I use the word “scared,” we’re describing a feeling. It’s not a rational argument or something that can be quantified. But I think I’ve identified a pattern to help us better understand how our thoughts trigger our feelings and how our feelings lead to our actions.

Listen time: 6:00

Numbers & Feelings

Numbers Don’t Need to Be King

Imagine you’re sitting in an auditorium full of all kinds of people. Everyone is there to learn about what to do with his or her money. All of a sudden, the door to the room opens, and in walks the much-anticipated speaker. Who do you think it is?

If you said Warren Buffett or the retired Fidelity ace Peter Lynch, you’re wrong. The famous speaker is Numbers.

That’s right, Numbers.

You know Numbers, right? Numbers is that really smart person who is always right and always rational and whose suggestions fit nicely into a calculator or spreadsheet. Numbers is the gatekeeper for truth. And when Numbers speaks, all of your other friends — Feelings, Emotions, and Intuition — must shut up and listen. Those are just the rules.

Clear the Deck

Clearing the Decks

There’s something BIG I really want to do, but I can’t because of ____. Sound familiar? We all have a long list of things we can fill in the blank with. We call those things Roadblocks. But what if we called them Excuses, instead?

Listen Time: 7:13

Fear & Excitement

Replace Fear with Excitement

Jeanna in Idaho tells us how she improved her relationship with fear with one, tiny, psychological adjustment: Replace the word “scared” with “excited.” It worked for her. Could it work for you?

Listen time: 3:41

Part of the Problem

I Have a Problem. At Least I Think I Do

You have a problem. At least, you think you have a problem. But the truth is, a problem actually has you! In this episode I explore why that is the case, and what we can learn from it.

Listen time: 3:40

Paying with Attention

What’s Worth Considering?

There’s a battle for your attention. Yet you only have so much attention to give. If considering an idea costs precious time and energy, what needs to happen to offset those costs? In other words, what makes an idea worth considering?

Listen time: 5:30

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