Haters Are Going to Hate

It’s All About Fear

I think we all have something we want to put out in the world, but we hide behind convenient excuses. Behind those excuses is the fear of sharing what we’ve created. But it’s time for us to stop the self-criticism, do the work, and release what we’ve done to the world.

Listen time: 7:32

The Current Step_800

Focus on the Current Step

When we think we’re at our limit, it’s really easy to become overwhelmed by the distance between where we’re at and where we want to go. Then, we spiral into self doubt that we’ll ever reach our goal. My message to you today: don’t get distracted by thinking about the next step. Focus on the current step.

Listen time: 6:37

Average Guy Doing Neat Things

Do Your Thing

When I’m working on a project, part of me is thinking about the next project, the next thing I’ll do. Now, it may seem obvious, but this thing, this idea tends to scare the heck out of me. But I can’t leave it alone. I think you’ve felt this way, too. People may even say you’re crazy. Stick with what you’re doing. But I’m here to tell you, it’s O.K. Go do your thing.

Listen time: 8:06

Energy and Conversations

Talking About Money? Think Carefully About Feelings

We have conversations around money all the time. Sometimes, we think we’re being really smart. Other times, we’d benefit from listening to ourselves and hearing what we’re saying. To be clear, it’s not whether we’re saying “yes” or “no,” but the energy generated around how and when we talk about money.

Listen time: 7:38

Saving More

Want to Save More? Just Stick It In the Freezer

We’ve all heard of “tricks” to make us smarter about how we spend money. But I was surprised to hear what my teenage kids were willing to do to save money.

Listen time: 3:33

Time as a Valuable Resource

Wasting Time

Our choice of words to talk about different things is fascinating to me. For instance, we often hear people talking about saving time. But what happens when we talk about wasting time?

Listen time: 6:02

Uncertainty Equals Reality

Show Me The Plan

“What am I going to do when I grow up?” I was still asking myself this question in my mid-30s, and I don’t think I’m alone. I often thought it might be nice for someone to show up and say, “Here’s the plan.” But there’s something so valuable about learning how both to make plans and to roll with things as they come.

Listen time: 6:08

Stimulus & Response

What If the Impostor Syndrome is Right?

What if the impostor syndrome is right? That was the question that Sarah Spain asked me recently on her ESPN podcast. But I think I found a loophole.

Listen time: 6:16

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