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The Craft of Curiosity

Curiosity. Deadly to cats, incredibly powerful to humans… it’s not just something you’re born with. Curiosity is a craft. Developing that craft is worth the time and energy.

Listen time: 4:11

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A Magic Certainty Button Doesn’t Exist

“How can I feel fine?”

That’s what Julie Elman, from Ohio, wants to know. Julie is 57, retirement is right around the corner, and she’s worried. Despite doing “all the right things,” whenever she spends time reviewing her financial situation, Julie never, ever feels fine about the finance part.

Julie, there is one thing I want you to know. You. Are. Not. Alone.

I’ve traveled all over the world talking about personal finance, and if I had to use one word to describe people’s feelings about money it would be “anxious.”

If you, like Julie, find yourself struggling to feel fine, despite doing all the right things, may I gently suggest two things to consider.

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What’s Below Your Waterline?

When you see successful people (especially people who do scary things) all you see is the tip of the iceberg. But there’s a massive, hidden foundation below the water line that allows that tip to stand out. It just so happens that that foundation amounts to mostly air. But not just any kind of air: the air in your shocks.

I promise, I’ll explain.

Listen time: 8:22

Fear to familiar_800

From Fear to Familiar

Anything unknown and mysterious can be terrifying… until you get to know it. The way to get over that fear? Turn it into familiarity. Works for snakes, the creative process, and you, too. And today on BG Radio, I’ll explain why.

Listen time: 4:39

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The Self-Criticism Stops Today

You’re fired.

No, seriously. Pack up your stuff, and get out.

But let me be clear: The job you’re fired from is one you should never have had in the first place — being a critic of your own work.

Done, finished, not your job anymore. When you finish creating something and you start to wonder if it’s any good … nope! Don’t try to answer. You no longer get to decide.

If you need me to fire you, awesome, consider it done. But in fact, what would be even better is if you fire yourself.

Let me tell you why.

Permission Gap

Want to Be a Starter? Then Finish

Good ideas are hard to come by, and good Starters are rare. But a good idea without execution is worthless. If you want to be a Starter, you’re going to have to earn permission by finishing at least a few things first. How do you do that if you’re not a Finisher? Either grin and bear it, or find someone who is.

Listen Time: 11:27


Starting Things Means Saying No

Being a Starter means getting good at saying no. You don’t have to take every opportunity that comes your way. But it also means getting good at knowing when to quit! In today’s episode: the Sunk Cost Fallacy of Ideas.

Listen time: 10:18

Making Change

Starting Things Means Getting Good At Stopping

Being a good Starter means first being a good Stopper. Often, the impediment to starting something new is stopping something else you’re doing. But what does being good at stopping look like? For starters (no pun intended), you have to know the difference between good and bad ideas.

Listen time: 8:14

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