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Where Do You Get Inspiration?

People ask me “Where do you get your inspiration from?” as if it comes in bulk from a store a few blocks away. The truth is, you don’t GET inspiration, it just shows up sometimes. But in the meantime, while you’re waiting for it to arrive, you have to do the work.

Listen time: 5:54

Crush It, Then Rest

Be Ruthless: Make the Most of Your Time

Time and again, I’ve railed against the culture of the hustle (#crushit). And yet, I bought into that culture for nearly two decades. So one listener asks: is it possible to make these changes in real time while building your career, business, etc.? Or is it only applicable in hindsight? Today, I try my best to answer that question.

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Start with the problem

People Don’t Care About Your Product, They Care About Their Problems

“No one cares about your product, they care about their problems.” I can’t figure out who said it first, but I know that it’s true. As makers of things, we would do well to keep that fact close to heart. Start with the problem, not with your solution or your product.

Listen Time: 3:08

Stoke Into Fuel

How Do You Keep the Stoke?

Stoke. You know what it is. That fiery excitement that rages far beyond enthusiasm. Some are born with it, some aren’t. But either way, eventually we all need to answer the same question: How do you keep the ‘Stoke,’ well, stoked? Today, I share my answers and ask you for yours.

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2 Ways to Start a Business

The 2 Types of Businesses

Some businesses start with a problem, and the desire to solve it. Some start with a business model and then search for a problem that fits their product or service. Both are valid (maybe). But I’ve noticed I get way more excited by the first type. What about you?

Listen time: 4:37

Being Busy Isn’t a Badge of Honor

We wear “busy” like a badge of honor. But what if it’s really a curse? Busy may sound good, but anyone who has been there knows. It’s not when we do our best work or when we are our best selves. The way we are working is not working: it’s time for a change.

Listen time: 5:11

Thoughts Lead to Feelings, and Feelings Lead to Actions

When you or I use the word “scared,” we’re describing a feeling. It’s not a rational argument or something that can be quantified. But I think I’ve identified a pattern to help us better understand how our thoughts trigger our feelings and how our feelings lead to our actions.

Listen time: 6:00

Clear the Deck

Clearing the Decks

There’s something BIG I really want to do, but I can’t because of ____. Sound familiar? We all have a long list of things we can fill in the blank with. We call those things Roadblocks. But what if we called them Excuses, instead?

Listen Time: 7:13

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