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Uncertainty Equals Reality

Surfing Through Waves of Uncertainty

Dave has had some unexpected success over the past 12 months. Massive success. The only problem is that with that success comes a lot of fear, uncertainty, and anxiety.

What do you do with that?

My attempt to answer that question, today on BG Radio.

Listen time: 7:12

Where do you want to go_800px

Why Did I Wait So Long?

Ryan’s been working for other people for the last 15 years. He’s been wanting to start his own company for almost as long. He finally started. Two months into the change, he can’t imagine why he didn’t do it sooner.

So, listener, what do you think?

Listen time: 4:07

Talk vs Do

Please Tell Me What You’re Up To

People who are “up to something” are my favorite people. It doesn’t even matter WHAT they are up to. Just so long as they have that special look in their eye.

So what are YOU up to? Or better yet, what do you WANT to be up to?

Listen time: 3:49

Haters Are Going to Hate

You Need to Play in Traffic – Trust Me

Play in traffic. If you don’t how are you ever going to get hit? If people don’t know about your work, it’s hard to get recognition for it. Whatever you do, do it in public. No more hiding – show your work.

Today on BG Radio: Conditions for Success, 3 of 3.

Listen time: 2:21

In Praise of Luck_800

Luck & Success: Creating the Right Conditions

Talking about success is uncomfortable for me. But I’m going to do it anyway! The point is not to brag, it’s just to share what I have learned. Luck is part of it – but it’s not the whole enchilada. Today, establishing the conditions for success. Part 1 of 3.

Listen time: 4:00

Mindfulness Stimulus Response

Yes, It’s a Podcast & It’s Deliberate Practice

Deliberate practice. Think of it as another way to say meditation. Just don’t call it a podcast. (Ok, it’s a podcast). But the podcast is really just a byproduct of metacognition!

Listen time: 3:21

Please Don't Ask Me to Do Scary Things

Big Announcement: Doing Scary Things

I’m starting a new project.

There. I said it.

In today’s episode, I’m taking the leap, and sharing the latest about the Do It Anyway Project. I hope you’ll join me.

Listen time: 13:48

Personal risk_800

It’s Personal: Handling Fear & Rejection in Business

When you think of your business as incredibly personal, it becomes an expression of your opinion. And that’s risky. If the business fails, it can feel like a rejection of who you are. So it should come as no surprise that doing this is scary. But what should we do with that fear? A question for all the entrepreneurs out there, today on BG Radio.

Listen time: 4:33