Please Don't Ask Me to Do Scary Things Behavior Gap Radio
August 14, 2017

Big Announcement: Doing Scary Things

I’m starting a new project.

There. I said it.

In today’s episode, I’m taking the leap, and sharing the latest about the Do It Anyway Project. I hope you’ll join me.

Listen time: 13:48

A Nap vs Half Working New York Times
August 8, 2017

A Nap Trumps Half-Working

Last week, I gave myself a public beating over my recent discovery of how I actually use my time. One thoughtful reader sent me an email telling me not to be so hard on myself and suggested that if I try to maximize every second of my life, I would certainly wring the fun out of it.

While this was kind, it made me realize I had failed to make one really important point about the way we spend our time.

Personal risk_800 Behavior Gap Radio
July 11, 2017

It’s Personal: Handling Fear & Rejection in Business

When you think of your business as incredibly personal, it becomes an expression of your opinion. And that’s risky. If the business fails, it can feel like a rejection of who you are. So it should come as no surprise that doing this is scary. But what should we do with that fear? A question for all the entrepreneurs out there, today on BG Radio.

Listen time: 4:33