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You Are Not Alone

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Greetings. This is Carl and you are listening to Behavior Gap Radio, the podcast for real financial advisors all over the world. This is the conclusion of my series on Below the Waterline. I just want to wrap up by telling you how important you are and how important the work you’re doing is to the world. We cannot afford to lose anymore of you to anxiety, burnout or even worse as we’ve seen in our industry. I’ve got too many friends that the sort of stress and pressure of this job has caused them too many problems, and we can’t have it anymore, and it just involves below the waterline.

I want you to know a couple of things. Number one, you are not alone. Those of you who have felt this way as outlined in this program and have struggled with the emotional aspect of this job, and the anxiety and the stress, and it maybe is even led to mental health problems or relationship problems, or physical health problems. You are not alone, you’re not alone. One area in this that we didn’t talk about was your own finances. If that’s been a struggle for you I also want you to know you’re not alone. As I shared very publicly I have had those struggles too, and you are not alone.

Please keep in that in mind. You’re not alone if this business has been tough for you emotionally or physically. The second message of this was there is something you can do about it by making small little tweaks around the edges. You can make a major change over time. I am positive that that’s true because I’ve seen it. This is sort of like the important thing to remember, is this is a continual process of self-improvement. We’re never going to be done with this until you die, we’re not going to be done. We’re working on getting better, helping one another get better, and that’s what this episode is about.

More of you need to talk about it. I was told by, I’m not going to mention his name because I don’t have permission, but I was told by a past president of the FPA that we need to be talking about this more. There’s not enough of us willing to be open about the stress of this job because we all think, “Oh, calculators and spreadsheets.” No, it’s not. It’s helping people make critical … It’s people crying in your office, it’s helping people make incredibly important decisions.

Once you’ve understood how important sending their kids to college is for instance to pick one issue, and they’ve told you how important it is, and you’ve built a plan to get them there, you often take that home with you. I mean it’s no longer about spreadsheets and revenue, it’s about helping those people meet those goals that they’ve shared with you in your office. Yes, it’s okay that this is stressful. The second thought immediately after that should be, and yes there is something you can do about it. I know that’s true because I’ve seen it in my life.

I can’t wait to hear your stories about this, but dig in below the waterline, dig in. I really want you to know, I want your feedback. I really want to know from you what you found valuable. Would you like me to put a course together on this where we really break it out? Would you like me to do some interviews with … I mean I’ve got world-class friends in every single one of those areas, would you like me to do some podcast interviews with them? Would you like more? I would need to hear from you.

If you’re thinking you like more, send us an email to let me know. The best way to do it so the whole team sees it is to send it to hello@behaviorgap. I want to hear from you, this is too important for us to keep quiet so let’s bring this below the waterline things above the waterline so we can all make sure that we’re there to help the people that need our help. With that, that wraps up this series and another episode of Behavior Gap Radio.

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