Carl Richards is the creator of the New York Times Sketch Guy column & Director of Investor Education for The BAM ALLIANCE

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“Carl Richards is the anti-Jim Cramer. He doesn’t pick stocks, and he doesn’t shout. In wise, calm style, The Behavior Gap teaches us how to rein in the emotional saboteur within us—the voice that leads us to double-down when the market is peaking and to make a panicky exit when stocks are a bargain. Richards shows us that, when it comes to our financial security, slow and steady wins the race.”

“The Behavior Gap throws light on an important question: How can we think more clearly about money and its role in a happy life? With sharp, accessible analysis—and simple, often hilarious, drawings—Carl Richards shows how to shape our behavior to invest, save, and spend to foster greater happiness.”

“Carl Richards’ deceptively simple sketches in The Behavior Gap will make you laugh, change your relationship with money, and leave you the wealthier for it. This one is bound to be a classic!”

“Carl has a knack for showing—gently, and with charts!—that when it comes to money, most of us are idiots. Fortunately, the path to wisdom is simple, if not easy, and in this engaging little book, Carl prods us to master money, rather than letting it master us.”

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