Making Smart Decisions with Your Money Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Over the last 20 years, I’ve spent more than 39,500 hours helping people learn how to make better decisions. I’ve pulled all of those conversations into one book, and I’m super excited to give you a sneak peek.



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12 Days of OPFP: Gaining more awareness on Day 12

To close out the 12 Days of OPFP, I want to end with a sketch that I think gets to heart of what I’m trying to accomplish. Yesterday, I broached everyone’s “favorite” money subject: budgeting. Today’s sketch mentions it specifically, but puts it in a context I don’t believe many…


12 Days of OPFP: When we buy things we don’t value on Day 11

Whenever I bring up the word “budget,” people get a pained look on their face. Sort of a cross between when they hear “flossing” and “exercise.” I get it. We understand objectively the value of knowing where and how we spend money. But emotionally, we can come up with 50…


12 Days of OPFP: Thinking About Money on Day 10

We’ve all made at least one, dumb money decision. But guess what? That doesn’t mean we can’t make a better decision the next time. That’s one of the reasons I wrote The One-Page Financial Plan. I think some people genuinely believe that after one, two or even a handful of…


Financial Prescriptions: Proceed with Caution

Imagine you’re walking down the street. A woman approaches and hands you a small piece of paper. You glance down and realize it’s a prescription. “Well,” you think to yourself, “she was wearing a white coat, so she’s probably a doctor.” You then walk into a drugstore where other people…


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