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Uncertainty Equals Reality

Surprise! Uncertainty is Reality

I have a friend who is an emergency room physician in Salt Lake City. The other day, he described to me an interaction he had with a distressed, uncomfortable patient. After doing all the tests he could and finding nothing wrong, all he could do was give the patient that age-old, wonderful doctor advice: “Go home, rest up, drink fluids and call me in the morning.” “The funny thing about this patient,” my friend told me, “was that after I told him nothing was wrong and he should just go home, he actually seemed disappointed.”


Is It Worth It?

Here’s a super loaded question: Is it worth it? We ask this question a lot when it comes to how we spend money, and I think it’s incredibly important to understand what we value. We can start by ignoring what everyone else thinks and focusing on what we decide is worth it.

Buy Nice or Buy Twice

Spend More Now, Less Financial Pain Later

I like buying high-quality things. And for the longest time, I’ve had this sneaking suspicion that buying high-quality stuff, which perhaps initially was more expensive, actually saved me money in the long run. It wasn’t until very recently, though, that I noticed a strong argument in support of my hunch.

Learn Act

When to Say Yes

Last week, I shared the benefits of saying “no.” But I wanted to share some great feedback I received after writing that column. Could the flip side of the argument be true? Could there be times when we’d benefit from saying “yes” to every opportunity early on?