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Why Not

What If You Don’t Need to Trade Off Experience for Security?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a column about the growing tribe of people who value experiences over security in their lives. But there is something that I didn’t say then that I want to emphasize: You don’t necessarily have to trade experience and financial security off against each other.


Why I Hired a Real Advisor – Part 3

This episode concludes my three-part series on why I hired a real financial advisor. Even though I’m an advisor, I’m also human. Being human means I’m still open to making emotional decisions. So to avoid making the big mistakes of buying high or selling low, I can benefit from having someone stand between me and doing something stupid.

PresentFuture copy

Why I Hired A Real Advisor – Part 2

In part two of my series on why I hired an advisor, I reflect on the need to have someone remind me of my goals and the reasons why I said these things were important to me. Specifically, I wanted someone who would be there during those moments when I’d be tempted to throw aside my plan and my goals for something new to say, “Wait just a minute. Has what you valued most changed or is this something else?”

A Bad Scary Markets Plan

Attention! Some Blunt Advice from Your Scary Markets Drill Sergeant

I want to talk to you about scary markets. For the sake of this particular subject, I want to be blunt and a little bit in your face. So for the next few minutes, please, just think of me less as your friend and more as your Scary Markets Drill Sergeant. O.K.? Great.