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Saving More

Ideas for People Who Use Money: Save More & You’ll Impress People

The Second Job You Don’t Know You Have POLITICO Raise your virtual hand if you’ve used a self-checkout at the grocery store, withdrawn money from an ATM or checked in online for a flight. If so, you’re a member of the “shadow workforce.” This concept fascinates me. With little fanfare,…

Life Boat Drill

Do the Drill: A Lifeboat for Investors

Calm water makes a lifeboat drill much easier. We aren’t fighting the waves or the fear we feel during an emergency. Still, if the worst happens, and the drill becomes reality, at least we’ve rehearsed. We’ll know exactly what we are supposed do. With the markets relatively calm, now is…


Understand the Emotion in Your Financial Decisions

In a perfect investing world, we’d all respond like robots. The markets go up, we’d know it’s time to sell. The markets go down, we wouldn’t have any problem buying. But because we aren’t walking, talking algorithms, we’ll almost always need to take emotion into account. We’ll almost always need…


Ideas for People Who Use Money: Buying for Status or Need?

Each week, I’ll share interesting resources I’ve found related to money, behavior, emotion, and anything else that catches my eye. My goal is to highlight the valuable work other people are doing to help you make better, more thoughtful decisions. “Vanity capital” is the new metric for narcissism, and analysts…


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