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As a REAL financial advisor, the single most important thing that sets you apart from the so-called robo-advisors is your ability to communicate. Your ability to listen, to empathize, to care…that is something that no robo-advisor can do.

When the markets get scary, the only thing between your clients and the BIG mistake of selling out…is you!

Your ability to walk them in off that ledge might be the single most valuable thing you provide over the course of the 20-40 years you work with them!

Of course, before we can ever hope to master the art of communicating during scary markets, there is an entire dialogue that we need to have with ourselves.

We need to:

  • Become convinced…at a GUT LEVEL, of the value we provide!
  • Understand that our job is to help people make massively important decisions under conditions of irreducible uncertainty
  • Take care of ourselves so we don’t end up out on the ledge ourselves

As I have traveled around the world talking to the best advisors, I have realized that there is nowhere for REAL advisors to learn how to become master communicators, so I released a few videos to some of my favorite advisors a few weeks ago, “A Manual for Scary Markets,” and the response was crazy!

“I have spent tens of thousands of dollars for educational training in my career, but I am totally enjoying the information coming from you because it is so genuine and refreshing.” — Dolf
“Manual for Scary Markets videos were the best videos related to working with clients that I have ever seen.” — Tyler

Based on the feedback and demand, I’ve created a 4-day mini-course for you to see the same training I’ve done at private workshops in London, Amsterdam, Sydney, and Cape Town.

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This is some of the most valuable content I have every put together, and because I feel it is so important, I want to make sure it gets out to every advisor in the world…so all it will cost you is an investment of your time.

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Each day you’ll get access to a new video that will take 3-5 minutes to watch, and, based on the feedback, it will start you down a path that will change the way you think about your role in peoples lives.

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